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Previous National History Day Projects

Below are links to websites created by Carondelet 8th graders, embedded videos of the documentaries created by Carondelet 8th graders, and photos of exhibits displayed by Carondelet 8th graders for previous National History Days. Whenever possible the sections have been labeled with the graduation year of the 8th graders. Each 8th grader at Carondelet Catholic School creates a National History Day project and enters it into the competition. Student projects are completed in one of five different categories — documentary, exhibit, paper, performance, or website. Each student must also compile an annotated bibliography and a process paper. More can be learned about National History Day at their 

Documentaries for National History Day 2016
Charles Schulz and the PeanutsHubert Humphrey and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

The Manhattan Project & Nuclear Power in WW II
The Nazi T4 Program's Influence on the Holocaust

The Role of the Sputnik Mission
on the Cold War Space Race
The Tuskegee Airmen of World War II

Documentaries for National History Day 2017

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin
and Her Contributions to Astronomy
Freedom Riders

The Ghost Army during World War II
Jesse Owens: An Unlikely Hero

Jesse Owens: Taking a Stand
Lucy Stone

Mahatma Gandhi and His Stand Against the BritishThe Manhattan Project

The March on Washington, 1963Muhammad Ali

Nelson MandelaRacing in the Shadow of Prejudice: How Jesse Owens' Achievements Change the Perception of Race

Sophie Scholl and Her Role in the White Rose Nazi Resistance GroupThe Storming of the Bastille: The Fight For Equality

Taking a Stand for Animals:
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Thurgood Marshall

U.S. and Dakota War of 1862

Exhibits for National History Day 2016
Agent Orange in the Vietnam WarThe Battle of Gettysburg

The Cuban Missile CrisisThe Great Lakes Storm of 1913

The Mariner IV Mission to MarsMikhail Gorbachev & the Fall of the Soviet Union

Exhibits for National History Day 2017
Bessie ColemanThe Black Panther Party

Bob MarleyCoco Chanel

Elizabeth BlackwellFreedom Riders: Fighting for
Equal Rights for African-Americans

The French ResistanceSave the Children Movement

The Underground Resistance at AuschwitzUtah Beach: Freedom Starts Here —
A Military Stand Against Oppression

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

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